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Second assignment with 3D-1 course

First assignment with 3D-1 course


TMY100 Black and white, film photography. Took this photo with my Voigtländer Bessa R2A – Industar 61/LD

3D printing.

Last 2 – 3 weeks I been playing around with my 3D printer, from, BUCCANEER. I help kickstart thier project while back, and the waiting has been…

En kopp kaffe till – Naoto Yamakawa

I have started reading this cozy comic/manga named “En kopp kaffe till” – Naoto Yamakawa (Another cup of coffee). There are 3 pockets and I got them all…

The Batmobile

During last years Comic-Con at Kistamässan there was this beautiful Batmobile on the event floor. I couldn’t hold myself from taking a picture or two.